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Flower Programs and Prices

Flower urns are always welcome in the Lakefield Cemetery. For those who do not want the task of caring for their own urns, the cemetery can plant, place and look after flower urns for you. This includes storing permanent pots over the winter, protected from the elements, in our greenhouse.

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Browse through the potted flowering plants offered by the Lakefield Cemetery throughout the growing season:

Spring Pansy Program | Annual Flower Program | Endowment Urns

Planting | Price List | Fall Mum Program

Spring Pansy Program

It couldn't be simpler - a 12" bowl with your choice of Pink, Yellow or Blue Pansies. These cold tolerant plants are placed out the week of May 4 and remain on the lot until the week of June 5. Spring rains and heavy dews will keep them blooming for that period of time.

$14.00 + 1.82 HST = $15.82

Annual Flower Program

The Annual Filling fee includes the planting, watering, weeding and fertilizing as necessary of family supplied pots, at the rate shown on the Price List, billed April 1st of each year.

Flower urns are also available from the Cemetery Office. Urns are subject to breakage so families are notified when replacement is necessary.

Endowment Urns

The Endowment Urn fee includes the planting, watering, weeding and fertilizing as necessary of Cemetery supplied urns at the rate shown on the Price List. A portion of this fee is set aside in trust, to care for this service for 10 or 20 years.


Our urns are planted early May with Canadian grown bedding plants. They are then cared for in our greenhouse while they mature and bloom. Flower urns are placed in the cemetery when all danger of frost is past and are cared for until the end of August.

All urns are removed mid-September when we begin fall cleanup.

Price List

Prices may change without notice, so please contact the Lakefield Cemetery for current prices.

Flower Pot Prices

* Annual Flower Program with Annual Filling Fee only due for following years

12" Ventura Red Clay Urn with Natural Finish

$30.00 + filling and taxes = $ 101.70 first year*

16" Darien Urn
Molded Resin in Cappuccino Washed Stone Finish

$32.00 + filling and taxes = $103.96 first year*

16" Desert Urn
Molded Resin in Champagne Washed Stone Finish

$40.00 +filling and taxes = $113.00 first year*

16" Capri Urn
Molded Resin in Grey Washed Stone Finish

 $58.00 +filling and taxes = $133.34 first year*


Fall Mum Program

A 10 inch pot of flowering mums in your choice of colour is placed out the week of September 21 and remains on the lot until the week of October 21. These flowers would be watered by nature for that time period. Heavy dews and rain will be adequate to maintain the plants in good shape.

$14.00 + 1.82 HST = $15.82

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